Elevator Contractor Arrives

Of course, a Construction Supervisor should be prepared for any new trade that starts on the project. The reality, though, is that we often aren’t as prepared as we should be. Often the newest trade comes onto the project and we fit them in as we go. It’s not ideal, but it’s reality.

Try not to let that happen with the Elevator Contractor. If they come onto the site prior to them being able to efficiently work, problems and costs tend to pile up. A couple of basic things that you should remember:

If 3 phase power isn’t available at the elevator, they can’t start.
If the elevator shaft isn’t dry, you won’t get an occupancy permit, so get it dry before they start (it’s easier than later).
Make sure they can unload their truck and store their hundreds of pieces and parts near the shaft.
Those are a few of the basics. Schindler Elevator provides a good list for installation guidelines to review. I urge you to take the time to plan for the arrival of the Elevator Contractor. It’s better to move back their start date than to look like a monkey screwing a football.