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Foreclosure Remodels

Foreclosure Remodels

Whether you plan to buy an Arizona foreclosure for your own personal residence or you are buying Arizona foreclosures for investment purposes call Blue Boar Construction if you want to make more money on your foreclosure.

Blue Boar Construction offers fast foreclosure remodels. If you are buying Arizona foreclosures and need to get them ready to market let Blue Boar Construction manage your real-estate portfolio. We offer complete foreclosure remodels including foreclosure cleanout and haul off. Let Blue Boar Construction turn your Arizona foreclosure faster and on budget. We can perform a basic foreclosure remodel in as little as 10 days or a custom foreclosure remodel in less than 30 days.


Blue Boar Construction specializes in fast and affordable REO, bank owned and foreclosure renovation services. We will resolve all of code enforcement violations and foreclosure repair needs. Most of the time there are many small things that need to be resolved to get your Arizona foreclosure back in shape. Most commonly the items that need to be repaired or replaced are broken doors, missing door knobs, unpermitted patio covers, trash and debris, clean up and haul off, replacement of smoke detectors, repair or replace kitchen cabinet doors that are missing or broken, window damage, interior dry wall patching, carpet and tile cleaning and replacement. These are all fairly common and inexpensive repairs that can make a big difference in the value of your foreclosure.

Blue Boar Construction will resolve any code violations on your Arizona bank owned property. We can handle all of the repairs and inspections. Before you purchase your Arizona foreclosure call us to discuss your foreclosure renovation budget and project goals. Blue Boar Construction offers our clients free consultations and itemized written estimates for repairing, renovating or remodeling your Arizona foreclosure. Don’t make the mistake of hiring an unlicensed contractor when it comes to your Arizona foreclosure repairs and improvements. A handyman may offer you a great price, but they could cost you more money in the long run.


Blue Boar Construction can get your home ready to rent faster and cheaper. This will allow you to generate more rental income faster. Call Blue Boar Construction before you buy your Arizona foreclosure and we can offer a consultation to let you know what to expect and what kind of expense you should anticipate in your foreclosure investment.

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